purple sunset

office park sunset


protect and serve


These are as close as I get to selfies.

tin man and fan


Dancing at Robert’s Western World - Fan Fair 2018

lower broad

Lower Broad, taken shortly before our photographer stepped in a pothole and sprained his ankle.

paradise park

Paradise Park, Opening Night, March 2007

I didn’t realize the extent to which people considered Paradise Park a cultural cornerstone of downtown Nashville – which I suppose it is, at least in the 4AM corn dog territory.

So, rest in peace, Paradise Park – home to cheap pitchers, and, for a long time, this guy:



printer's alley

From this end it’s almost possible to see some of the old printer’s alley left. Though personally I still prefer the old painting over the reproduction.


It was foggy out so I took photos of the fog and stuff with the fog.

printer's alley

solar eclipse

A few photos of the solar eclipse, taken from near Gallatin, TN (close to the center of the path).

Money shot of the diamond ring:

Closeup of the totality:

Nice closeup showing some of some prominences:

More pics (more than are necessary really) on my flickr site.

I also put together an animation of the eclipse, which I didn’t really plan, so it’s a bit choppy:

i just came here to take pictures

I like this photo, but mostly just because the sign in the bottom right corner really speaks to me. I totally didn’t even see it at first.

photo dump

Some photos in no particular order because I am too lazy to curate:

cumberland park