carmac falls

Carmac Falls, Evins Mill, TN. July 22, 2012.

If you’re looking for an easy daytrip this summer, consider Evins Mill. A short 1.5 hour drive from Nashville, Evins Mill is a cool old mill they’ve turned into a resort. On the property are Carmac Falls, and $20 a person gets you a nice bagged lunch and access to hike down to the falls. The hike is actually a bit treacherous. Usually when the owner/guide warns me the difficulty or time required for trails, you know, I scoff, because their speech is typically geared towards retirees with families. This trail, though, is legit — a pretty steep and narrow decline with not much more than a rope to give you something to hang on to. My parents went a few months before and someone had broken their leg and had to be evacuated out, so be careful.

Also, a word of advice: bring water shoes. The base of the falls are a great little swimmin hole, but they are full of treacherously slippery and sharp rocks. Also a fish tried to kill me and I stepped on a snapping turtle. Nature! Seriously, though, check it out. It’s a good escape during this brutal heat.

UPDATE: It is important to note that Carmac Falls is located on the private property of Evins Mill, a resort and special event venue that hosts weddings, conferences and other contractually exclusive events. As such, one must be a guest of the resort in order to enjoy its trails, including the one to Carmac Falls. For those who wish to do so without staying overnight, the venue offers “day-tripper” packages that are available by reservation-only, made a minimum of 24-hours in advance. For more details, see and/or call 615.269.3740. Those who access the property without an advance reservation are trespassing and may be prosecuted.