printer's alley

solar eclipse

A few photos of the solar eclipse, taken from near Gallatin, TN (close to the center of the path).

Money shot of the diamond ring:

Closeup of the totality:

Nice closeup showing some of some prominences:

More pics (more than are necessary really) on my flickr site.

I also put together an animation of the eclipse, which I didn’t really plan, so it’s a bit choppy:

i just came here to take pictures

I like this photo, but mostly just because the sign in the bottom right corner really speaks to me. I totally didn’t even see it at first.

photo dump

Some photos in no particular order because I am too lazy to curate:

cumberland park



An interlude from all-protest-photos-all-the-time.

best buds 4 trump

Disclaimer: I don’t actually know if they are really best buds or 4 trump.

this is what democracy looks like


My second-favorite honkytonk. Unless I am craving a recession special, and then it’s my first.


Printer’s Alley is a bit (temporarily) smaller but still photogenic.



My favorite honkytonk.


I heart my new camera in low light.


Ran into some charismatic protestors yesterday downtown.

protest roundup

Some photos from the recent protests in Nashville:



Had the pleasure of photographing two of my favorite local musicians this week. Look for something big from these two (plus one) coming soon.


closing time